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USA National Soccer Team fan Zack Phillips, also known as Mr. Soccerhead, of San Francisco, Calif. and Canadian soccer fan Yuri Smieska of Hamilton, Ontario show off their soccer ball haircuts.  Phillips had cut the hair of Smieska into the design of a soccer ball outside the Frankfurt Main Train Station in Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany on Tuesday, June 13, 2006.  The hair cut attracted the attention of many curious travelers. For the previous ten years, Zack Phillips has cut the hair on his head in the design of a soccerball and has even tattoed the design to make it easier to cut. At the 2002 World Cup in Korea Zack cut the hair of Yuri Smieska and Yuri asked Zack if he could do it again this World Cup. They met up outside the train station before Yuri went  to the Korea-Togo FIFA World Cup first round match in Frankfurt-am-Main with some fellow Canadian friends.